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Educating and Empowering the Next Generation


Scleroderma United firmly believes that educating and empowering the next generation of leaders is vital for advancing healthcare and patient support. As part of this commitment, we host high school, university, and medical school student internship programs. Our inaugural Fall 2023 Intern Cohort included interns from 16 countries. We are dedicated to developing a mutually beneficial intern relationship – one that will further our intern’s goals while promoting our mission of connecting and empowering scleroderma warriors. 

We are currently accepting applications for our Spring 2024 Internship Program! The Priority Application Deadline is 11:59pm Eastern Time on January 28th, and later applications will be accepted on a rolling basis until 11:59pm Eastern Time on February 3rd

Intentionally Project-Based and Skill-Building


Scleroderma United’s internship program is intentionally project-based and designed to provide aspiring health professionals with valuable hands-on experience in the healthcare sector. Each intern will have the opportunity to complete a meaningful Primary Project while building crucial skills and learning about scleroderma over the course of approximately 10 weeks. In addition to their Primary Project,* interns will receive mentorship and guidance to:

1) Create a Patient Advocate Portfolio, including at least one published article
2) Develop key nonprofit, fundraising, and advocacy skills by leading a personal fundraising campaign and an Amplified Awareness Area campaign
3) Gain a comprehensive understanding of scleroderma and its impact on people’s lives (with an emphasis on the mental health toll of a rare chronic illness, biopsychosocial models of healthcare, and the role of caregivers) 

*Note: Medical school student interns may opt for a 3-hour per week internship focused solely only in the Primary Project.

Internship Requirements

Scleroderma United’s Internship Program is a remote, 7-hour per week time commitment from February to May. Internships are not salaried. Interns will be required to attend a (virtual) Kickoff Orientation in February, complete internship project deliverables according to weekly deadlines, attend weekly meetings, and submit a written reflection at the end of the internship. No prior knowledge of / experience related to scleroderma is required. Desired qualifications include:

1) Research and writing skills
2) Interest in healthcare, patient advocacy, and/or medical education
3) Self-driven and deadline-oriented
4) Ambition to pursue a career related to healthcare or patient advocacy