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FALL 2023


Scleroderma United welcomed its inaugural intern cohort in the Fall 2023 semester. Our interns excelled in every way possible, and we couldn’t be more proud of their accomplishments. Scroll to see some of the highlights from our Fall 2023 Internship Program!

From Around the World…


Our interns came from: United States, Lebanon, Canada, Algeria, Kazakhstan, United Arab Emirates, India, Pakistan, Hong Kong, Turkey, Philippines, Morocco, Bangladesh, Indonesia, Spain, United Kingdom

Fall 2023 Intern Cohort Geography - Higher Quality

Interns Engaged in Collaborative, Meaningful Projects…


Learn Center Infographics Project:
Updating our Learn Center with the latest information about scleroderma and restructuring the resource

Key Terms Glossary Publication Project: 
Developing a publication that explains the “key terms” that patients may come across

Medications & Treatments Database Project:
Creating a database of scleroderma medications and treatments

Strategic Relations Project:
Conducting research and strategic outreach in marketing, grant funding, and collaborations

Fact Fridays Project:
Synthesizing recent scleroderma-related news and scientific developments into infographic-style content

Scleroderma Sundays Project:
Crafting brief highlights of “Scleroderma Stories,” designed to hook the reader in and direct traffic toward our publications

Qualitative Research Project:
Conducting qualitative coding to analyze “Scleroderma Stories
Global Expansion Project:
Translating “Scleroderma Stories” interviews into other languages
Clinician Mapping Project:
Identifying global clinicians/orgs supporting scleroderma patients
Children’s Course Graphics Project:
Illustrating explanatory comic strips to serve as supplementary Children’s Course content

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Implemented Grassroots Awareness Tactics and Fundraising Strategies…


With their mentors’ support, interns led organized Amplified Awareness Area Campaigns in their communities and hosted personal fundraising campaigns. While building key nonprofit, advocacy, and fundraising skills, the interns reached almost 3,000 people who had never heard of scleroderma and raised thousands of dollars in support of Scleroderma United’s upcoming Children’s Course.

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Created Patient Advocate Portfolios…


Each week, interns listened to an episode of a podcast, read an interview, watched a documentary, or conducted research on a broader healthcare issue. Some weeks, interns summarized and reflect on a topic. Other weeks, mentors guided the interns through the article-writing process. By the end of the internship period, interns had a deeper understanding of scleroderma and the patient experience – as well as a portfolio to back up that knowledge! Patient Advocate Portfolios included at least one published article.

And Engaged with Guest Speakers!


Interns also had opportunities to participate our regular Professional Development Events, which brought guest speakers to engage with interns in an intimate setting.

Harvard Logo Square

College Mentorship

Interns heard from Harvard College students studying Neuroscience, Anthropology, Global Health and Health Policy, Political Science, and Psychology. The panel offered valuable perspectives on navigating college life and achieving academic and personal success.

Fall 2023 Intern Cohort - Medical Student and MCAT Panel

Medical Student &
MCAT Panel

Interns spoke with US medical students, international MBBS students, and recent MCAT-takers. The panel shared their experiences, MCAT preparation resources, and tips for the medical school admissions process.

Fall 2023 Intern Cohort - Resume Workshop


Interns participated in a personalized workshop, where we helped them craft a standout resume. The workshop covered the essential elements of resume writing, from formatting and content optimization to tailoring resumes for specific roles.

Hear From Our Fall 2023 Interns


Check out our Internship page for current internship opportunities

Special Thank-Yous


This internship would not have been possible without the help of our Internship Program Mentors and Sponsor Organizations. 

Cosette Wu Headshot 2023


Founder & President, Internship Coordinator
Hawaii, USA

Khushboo Shukla


Vice President, Internship Coordinator
Texas, USA

Ellie Armstrong Square


Internship Coordinator, Relations Projects Mentor
Oklahoma, USA

Sandhya Sanapala


Learn Center Infographics Project Mentor
Connecticut, USA

Barbara Afram


Key Terms Glossary Publication Project Mentor
Red Deer, Canada

Hephzibah Adegoke Square


Medications & Treatments Database Project Mentor
Edinburgh, Scotland

Snigdha Barua Square


Medications & Treatments Database Project Mentor
California, USA

Grace Elliott Square


Relations Project Mentor
Connecticut, USA

Shreya Goel


Clinician Mapping Project Mentor
North Carolina, USA

Sandy Zeng


Children’s Course Graphics Project Mentor
Pennsylvania, USA

Sponsor Organizations:
Broncology Magazine | Educate to Encourage | Education on Immunology | Girls in White Coats | MedReview Student Journal | Med.Trendz | Medicine for Youth | Opportunities in Hong Kong | PreDocsProject | RevolutionizeSTEM NYC | Sciences of Dermatology | SimplyMed | Skincare Sciences | Stemforall Youth Organization | STEMATA | Stemteenities | Teens for Healthcare | The Encephalon Journal | The Youth Medicine | Uempower | Youth Medical Association (YMA) | Youth Medicine | Youth Rx